The Natural Flow

Shu Ha Ri 守破離 Is a concept that describes the natural stages of growth.

Shu (守) “to abide, to follow” – Refers to the early stages of development and requires a student to make a sincere effort to copy the master without deviation. The reason for that is that at the early stages a student does not have sufficient experience and emotional intelligence to understand the flow being taught. Therefore any attempt to comprehend what is being taught using ones own logic will no longer align what the Master is teaching (the illusion of self and breaking the flow).

Ha (破) “to come to light, to realize” – At this stage the student has accumulated sufficient fundamental knowledge to understand the essence is able to express the flow accurately. For that reason the student is now allowed to ask questions to further develop emotional intelligence. It is a also a stage where a student realizes the need to detach from the illusions of self.

Ri (離) ” to Transcend“- by this stage a student has matured into self mastery and is now able to articulate the flow independently. Its the time to open the door to creativity and express ones skills and emotional intelligence in ones own unique way. The concept “to transcend” denotes a level of self expression without forgetting the flow. Once reading this stage one realizes that the cycle of Shuhari repeats itself within oneself infinitely.