The current State of Affairs

Most people are aware of our global financial downturn. Yet many would be unaware that this downturn is a symptom of deepening and declining moral and spiritual practices. In Ninpo we undertake the practice Bumon (martial arts) and Shumon (spiritual arts) thus working toward a balanced whole. My master states that the physical training is the path for spiritual growth, and spiritual growth is the ultimate secret of Budo. In our teachings we learn that when a person feels fear, anger, greed and distress the heart becomes unbalanced. It is therefore crucial for a Ninja to take great care of the heart by practicing balanced living. In olden days (600 years ago) if a Ninja was sent to a mission where the success or failure depended on people lives, if the heart faltered even for an instant it could result in the mission failure.

There are 10 qualities a ninja should strive to develop in order to achieve balanced living: compassion, kindness, loyalty, wisdom, mannerism, obedience, humility, courage, grace, truth. In order to achieve these qualities one has to undergo proper training in the arts under the watchful eye of a competent teacher. In addition one has to learn to persevere through the ups and downs of life.

There is a common saying “Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves”. There is a great deal of wisdom in this statement. If you neglect the little things they will soon compound into big things. It is no different in training, tasks, financial details and emotional imbalances can easily escalate into major conflicts. Hence when we neglect family values, personal growth and friendship and focus on monetary gains and worldly desires we are creating for ourselves a bottomless pit to fall into. One therefore does not have to look far and see that most problems which affects the world today are closely related to these fundamental principals or lack of thereof.

One of the major benefits of Ninpo is to use the Dojo as “laboratory” in which to wrestle with life’s problems and find proper solutions for which to act upon. Student often resent the fact the mentors see more of their faults then they really want them to. But this is the only way for a student to mature in life.

Animals live only day by day driven by instinct and reaction to their environment. Only humans have the freedom to choose, the ability to discover their destiny, to learn principles by which to live and strive for a better way of living despite the ups and downs. Those who have neither hope nor ideals to live by are living only on the level of brute reaction. The first step in rising above this primitive existence is to establish a strong conviction which will form the basis for an enriched rewarding life and give you spiritual stamina to endure its hardship and trials.

A person of high ideals and character appreciates the laws of nature and fundamental laws and morals of his society.

Purpose in life


Ninpo is the way of nature, realizing ones purpose and achieving happiness. In nature all things have a purpose and each living organism has a function contributing to a proper living environment. For example a tree’s purpose among others is to clean the air, enrich the soil, and provide shelter and food. The sun provides warmth, light and energy indiscriminately. None of these examples questions its purpose; this is all part of Ten Chi In Yo. However in the human realm we are given emotions and ability to comprehend things thus adding another dimension.

As one looks in the mirror and sees one’s flaws so as to correct them. Similarly, the mind sees what has passed and corrects its future conduct. Thus, beasts do not evolve; they are still, in the same state they were created in. The mirror by which to see how to correct things and gradually evolve.. Man develops day-by-day until his merit is secured and sensed.

Some important skills to consider:

1) Sainou 才能 (Ability/talent) – to realize understand and devise a plan
2) Kokoro 心 (Heart) – to put life into the purpose
3) Utsuwa 器 (Capacity) – The capacity to realize on ones purpose

We all want to live a meaningful and purposeful life. We always see that those who find their purpose and pursue it are those who find true happiness. Great people are aware of a great life purpose. They are clear about their mission in life. What they think, say, and do is aligned with their essential values. This is why their thoughts, words, and actions create a great person.

Finding your life purpose and your deepest life intentions can help you to move with greater focus and clarity every day of your life.

As practitioners of Ninpo we are given the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to discover our own purpose. This however depends on our ability to empty our cup and immerse ourselves in the given knowledge.