Ninpo and Ninjutsu


Ninjutsu 忍術 is a collective term for various strategies developed by very sophisticated individuals during various stages of Japan early history. Ninpo 忍法often referred to as the higher order of Ninjutsu. It sets the foundation for purpose in life based of natural laws (法) . The core philosophy is rooted in the principles of Nin (忍).

Nin translates into patience or perseverance (忍耐). The Japanese character for Nin (忍) consists of two parts. The upper part is called yaiba (刃) which refers to the cutting edge of a blade. The lower part can be translated into heart (心). In essence how to persevere during the ups and downs of life.

The character Ho or Po (法), can be interpreted as natures law, referring to the art as Ninpo rather than Ninjutsu. The emphasis in training is to strive toward a balanced development of body (體) mind (心) and spirit (魂). It isn’t enough just to know techniques (術). Having high moral standards being rooted in refined character and spirit are a way to create a balanced scale to highly acquired technical skills. This refinement of one’s spirit is known in Japanese as seishinteki kyoyo (精神的教養).