Seeing Through the Mist

On One auspicious evening the master invited one of his brightest students to join him for his regular walk with his dog.  The Masters pet dog loved his evening walk. The dog would run ahead to fetch a stick, then run back, wag his tail, and wait for the next turn.  You must understand, said the Master, that words are only guideposts. Never let words or symbols get in the way of truth.  With that said the teacher called his happy dog. Fetch me the moon, and pointed to the full moon. Where is my dog looking? asked the teacher of the bright pupil. He’s looking at your finger replied the disciple. Exactly, don’t confuse the pointing finger with the thing that is being pointed at. Words are only guideposts. Every human being fights his way through others words to find his own truth.

In Ninpo we work to transform the body, mind and spirit. Increasing consciousness and cutting through illusion of duality. Mastering self, mind, body, and skill is done through studying the Art of Effortless Power. Recognizing protecting self, family community and country without raising a sword is if the highest achievement.

Mastery of self leads to enlightenment allowing the highest level of compassion for humanity. Appreciation and preservation of all living things. The lessons and pains learned on the mat mirrors the up and downs of life. Developing an unwavering spirit with the notion of getting up with every fall and never giving up. This require the forging of martial virtues: humility, honesty, courage, faith, wisdom, obedience, kindness, dedication, compassion and trust.

The Ninja use the laws of nature by leveraging the strategy of In/Yo Gogyo, eight directions with the notion of Hisho Hen. The heart must strike a balance in being be as sharp as a raiser-blade and as pure and soft of a flower.

Appreciate all that life has to offer and enjoy every moment as if it was your last.