The qualities of Budo

Hardness, Softness, Strength, Weakness, could all be thought of as moods. If we try to fit the mood, there is a danger that we will fail to do henka (change). Having the ability to do proper henka is rooted in a proper study of the different moods available (InYo). Walking the right path is a having the ability to differentiate and adapt to the situation at hand, this is true Ninpo. According to the old Densho one can’t claim to have studied and understood the Gokui (essence) of Gangaku (martial strategy) without understanding the principles of Ten Chi Jin.

The Densho states regarding the matter that Ten can be associated with Yo and Chi associated with In and Jin is the person in between who use Ten Chi accordingly. Associated to Ten is the sun, understanding the qualities of the sun can lead to good strategy. To understand the sun one has to master “Shin Tai Seiden Mata Nichi Ri Taisei”. If you lose this momentum you will be out of synch with nature and unable to win. These matters are the foundation of all budo and humanity. One can clearly see the depth and beauty of our Budo from these old teachings.

The principles of Ten Chi In Yo and the Goki (5 elements) are the foundation strategy of all budo from the beginning of time. Drawn from Chinese Confucianism and influenced by the famous book of Sonshi (Sun Tszu the art of war). All military and arts ancient or modern are governed by these universal principles.

All living creatures possess unique combative instincts. Nature granted most animals with natural weapons . Throughout centuries humans had to catch animals for sustenance. The tools they used for hunting were then applied as tools of war, this is the anthropology of Budo.

“There may be many paths to the foot of the mountain,
but all leads to the same view of the moon as its distant summit”