Ueno Takashi Sensei

It is without a doubt that Hatsumi Sensei was the sole inheritor of Takamatsu Sensei martial arts lineages. However Hatsumi Sensei met Takamatsu Sensei late in his career and Takamatsu Sensei has already given several mastery licenses to other senior students. One of these individuals was Mr. Ueno Takashi. Hatsumi Sensei was a student of Ueno Takashi Sensei and it was Ueno Takashi who introduced Hatsumi Sensei to Takamatsu Sensei. It is for this reason that there is a strong relationship between our lineage (Hatsumi Ha) and that of Ueno Takashi and therefore is worth mentioning.

Ueno Takashi was born on February 21、1899 in Tokyo. At the age of eleven he started to study with his grandfather Ueno Nobuhisa who was served the lord of Odawara-han. He learned Shinto Tenshin Ryu which included: kenpō, toritejutsu、jōjutsu、tājutsu、naginatajutsu、juttejutsu、gunyōbō、and suntetsujutsu.

At the age of 13 he received 8th generation master for Shintō Tenshin Ryū。He also studied and received menkyo in Totsuka-ha Yōshin Ryū Jujutsu from his uncle. He received menkyo Kaiden in Tenshin Shinyō Ryu from Yamamoto Tomokichi-sensei. He got his shihan license in Ryūkyū Kenpō Karatejutsu from Izena Yoshitomo、Hunakoshi Gichin、Mabuni Kenwa、and Konishi Yasuhiro-sensei.

He also received Menkyo Kaiden in Asayama Ichiden Ryu, Yagyū Shingan Ryū. He studied with Takamatsu sensei. In 1954 he received full mastery in Takagi Yōshin Ryū Jūjutsu which includes Kukishin Ryū Bōjutsu and Shinden Fudō Ryū Taijutsu. He took on the warrior name Chosui. In December 1959 he further received full mastery in Gyokko Ryū Kosshijutsu and Kotō Ryū Koppōjutsu. In order to master Chinesekenpō he travelled to Beijing where he studied Shōrin Kenpō at the Shōrinkai. After the Second World War he established the Kenyūkai association along with Konishi Yasuhiro Otsuka Hironori, Fujita Seiko, and Mabuni Kenwa. He passed away at the age’of 78. He is remembered by his followers for his outstanding sense of integrity and giri-ninjō(duty and humanity) and for dedicating his life to the study of martial arts.

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  1. Daniel Dees

    I have never seen this photo of Ueno Takashi. Excellent. I have been studying with Ryusuke Juge Sensei who was a student of Kuniyuki Kai, who in turn was a student of Ueno. Excellent work as always, keep it going.

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