Looking for a needle in a haystack

I was recently part of a discussion that made me reflect. For those of us who have been training in Budo for Avery long time things are often very clear and what we consider as the “obvious” may not be so with the greater population. Unfortunately I would even say that those in them mentioned category represent a very nominal % of the overall world population. There are times when it’s necessary to state the obvious. This is one of them….

With the advancement of technology the world is becoming more connected. Information flows faster and there is a lot to digest. As a result culturally many expect things “instantly”. This leads to a belief that everything can be achieved fast. Although speed has a benefits in the world of Budo when it comes to learning; old values such as patience, dedication and a life pursuit of a purpose become blur. As a result there may be sincere and open minded individuals that get misinformed. It is for those 1% that I still entertain answering requests in the hope that some make try to taste our wonderful Budo and perhaps stay long enough to appreciate the many values it offers.