Humility Comes with Experience

The tale of the Bamboo Shoot

There once was a bamboo that sprouted and looked up to the sky. It was amazed by its size and distance. It proudly said I want to touch the sky. When the other trees overheard what he said they told him that this is an impossible goal since no other bamboo ever reached the sky. Determined to prove his fellow trees wrong it proclaimed, when I grow tall I will be the first to touch the sky. This happened year after year until the Bamboo shoot became a tall and mature as his predecessors. Realizing how arrogant his goal was, he started to bow. From this day forth The taller and stronger it grew the more it bent. The moral of the story is, listen to those who have gone before you. Also, remember once you gained/surpassed their wisdom to never forget to remain humble. No matter how good we become when compared to the sky we are just dust in the wind.