The Jewel Tiger

“By polished Taijutsu gives rise to Satchijutsu (the art of reading intentions and knowing what will happen). By knowing the reason of nature, the ninja grasped the changes of heaven and variations of earth. By making use of the changes in nature and existing conditions, they skillfully employed Ninjutsu in the manner appropriate to the circumstances. Tenmon 天 門 (Heavenly Gate, Meteorology, Study Of Nature) is just that. Changes of weather, climate and natural features and the like that are supported by various conditions of the land were made use of by nimbly incorporating them into Ninjutsu. For instance, there is in Chimon 地 門 (Earthy Gate, Geography, Geomancy / Fusui) the secret teaching called “Hidori Daihi” 日 取 大 秘 (Great Secret Of Scheduling). Using circles of red, white and black, the fortunate and ill-fated conditions, days, directions and the like for carrying out Shinobi strategies were determined. It is an expedient means for emboldening the subtly preserving heart, for strengthening the subtly preserving power. It is making use of the probabilities of the laws of nature based on the practical wisdom of assiduously attentive insight.”

The Message from big old tree

“Well, Great Tree, for martial arts, we have a teaching of the spirit of three hearts – San Shin No Kata. This teaching is based on the saying that the spirit of a three year old is with a man until he is a hundred years old. We recognize the importance of early childhood and treasure these important years, when one is unaware of ego, independence and consciousness.” “This San shin No Kata (form of three hearts) is described in a section of secret teachings of the Gyokko Ryu, which teaches beginners that we have to train ourselveswith the spirit of a three year old, not forgetting the spirit even though they think they accomplish these techniques.”

窪地へと落ちる 習いの水なれど やがては登り始めなりけり 寿宗

Kubochi eto ochiru. Naraino mizunaredo. Yagatewa nobori hajimenarikeri

“Water falls down to a hollow but then there is rising again.” – Hisamune