Our System

Mission Statement:

The purpose of our Dojo is to help students realize their full potential through the passion and study of Budo. We’ve carefully organized the knowledge into 10 areas of study in order to support gradual self progression. Each area helps the student along the path of self discovery and realizing their potential.

Shinbukan(神武館)represent the martial arts and moral skills required to navigate through modern day and age. the system combines the cumulative martial arts knowledge acquired by Shihan Eduard Divantman in coherent systemic way for growth and development.

Shinbu (Japanese: 神武) is a Japanese word, meaning “warrior might”. The term consists of the characters shin/kami (神), meaning “something divine”, and bu (武), denoting warrior. The idea of shinbu embraces physical, spiritual and ethical issues and denotes the condition when all basic principles of martial art are applied simultaneously and in balance.

The arts that make up the Shinbukan are:
1) Ninpo Bugei: Taihenjutsu, Daken Taijutsu, Koppojutsu, Kosshijutsu, Ninpo Taijutsu
2) Samurai Jujutsu: Jutaijutsu, Taijutsu, Aikijujutsu
3) Chugoku Kenpo: Taichi Chuan 24 & 48 forms

Each art is taught independently in order to maintain the authenticity of its source.

Formal ranks and Titles

All tests are conducted personally by the head master unless delegated. Typically, the test is witnessed by senior students. Each rank and title have specific requirements that must be met prior to be considered for testing.

Pre black belt
1. There are 10 levels called Kyu grades.
2. Grades are structured from 10th Kyu (begginer) to 1st (advanced) Kyu.
3. Each Kyu has a corresponding belt colour

Black belt and above
1. Black belt and above are called Dan grades.
2. There are 10 Dan grades in total
3. Grades are structured from 1st Dan (initial) – 10th Dan (highest).
4. Each Dan has a corresponding black belt with related stripe(s)

1. Renshi – Teacher. Minimum Qualification: Sandan (3rd Dan)
2. Kyoshi – Senior Teacher. Minimum Qualification: Godan (5th Dan)
3. Hanshi – Master. Minimum qualification: Rokudan (6th Dan)
4. Shihan – Senior Master. Minimum Qualifications Hachidan (8th Dan)
5. Shihan-Cho – Head Master. Minimum Qualifications Judan (10th Dan)