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Martial Art training has been recognized as one of the best activities in the world for teaching children self-esteem, self-discipline, mindfulness, self-confidence and life skills. Imagine your child learning all this while also staying fit, developing balance and coordination, focus and fine motor skills.

Having these skills as our focus can help your child in their academic classroom and also in their every day lives. We teach our students to listen, see and make good decisions properly. To learn good life values, strength, confidence and courage. These traits are what success in life is based upon.

Our proven program is based on 20+ years experience teaching kids and seeing them excel. 

We are currently accepting registration for the following age groups. Exception’s can be made for children younger than 8 who are well behaved. 

Ages 8-12 –  Little Ninja’s

Ages 13-17 – Ninja warrior’s


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