Due to an increase interest in our Dojo we have decided to compile a series of frequently asked questions to help individuals get a better understanding about our school.

Q: What is Ninpo (Ninjutsu)?
A: Ninpo is an old and complete martial art which dates back some 2000 years. It was developed for the necessity to protect ones life, family, and country.

Q: What is the Bujinkan?
A: The Bujinkan (Divine Warrior Training Hall) is an international Martial Arts organization headed by Grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi with its headquarters in Chiba Ken Japan.

Q: What will I learn?
A: As a new student you will go through the OP program, upon completion you will progress to the intermediate program.

Q: What is the OP Program?
A: Like everything in life which requires good foundation in order to excel, the OP program will give the student just that.

Q: What age group do you teach?
A: We have classes and programs geared for all age groups.

Q: Is my age or my fitness level a problem?
A: Not realy, people join martial arts in different stage of their lives and as such are taught based on their level and understanding.

Q: Do you offer morning or weekend classes?
A: Yes, we offer private classes to those individuals who have irregular schedule or have special needs.

Q: What are the different fees?
A: You can find most of the membership’s prices by contacting the school directly

Q: Is spiritual training part of the program?
A: The very essence of Ninpo is the spirit of the warrior; all students learn to polish and refine their spirit by means training and endurance.

Q: Is historical perspective important to your school?
A: Ninpo is a living art and like any living art it grows and changes with time and space. It is important to study the different influences throughout history to understand why things are the way they are.

Q: what kinds of aspects are included in the physical training?
A: The foundation is based on Taijutsu or “body arts”, including a broad range of physical skills: evasions, rolls and breakfalls, strikes, kicks, locks, throws, chokes, pressure points bone structure attacks etc. The weapons are the natural extension of such skills.

Q:Does the training include kata or forms, as in other arts?
A: It seems that modern martial arts consider Kata to be the art. Ninpo Kata is the foundation on which the body learns how to adapt to different situations in life. It is not limited to form which is the basic concept of Kata, rather extended to the dimension of Hen (change). Life changes every moment so do we as human beings, through the Kata we understand how to change.

Q: What really distinguishes Ninpo from other martial arts?
A: Every martial art has strong points to offer, however very few offer a comprehensive tradition. Unlike other martial arts Ninpo covers an extensive variety of self defense skills geared toward the ability to become adapt to limitless situations. Further many arts today has abandoned spiritual growth which is the very core foundation of the human being.

Q: How long does it take to learn these arts?
A: Ninpo provides unlimited source for knowledge and growth. So in essence as long as you keep going you will improve in skill.

Q:What about belt ranks?
A: Ranks are awarded for different levels starting from white belt to the highest black belt levels exist in martial arts today. The time frame between each belt depends on the student’s progress, skill and commitment.